Birds of a feather flock together

Finding safety in numbers and with those who share similar beliefs has many benefits, including productivity in the work place, but can also lead to judgement bias or a lack of critical thinking in an effort to mimic the group.

Setting the cat among the pigeons

Disruption can be positive or negative depending on the level and context. Positive disruption can lead to innovations or a greater insight. Failure is often the best way to learn. By understanding the workplace, negative disruption can be minimised while utilising the benefits of positive disruption.

Herding Cats

Sometimes group cohesion seems illusive. Robin’s Hood can be an effective tool to improve team cooperation by better understanding the dynamics, biases and skills within a group, and allowing individuals to have greater agency.


Working with other organisations to help deliver a more inclusive work environment.


Organise across multiple locations, helping you to manage your stock, your team and budget.


Understand the performance of your team and business, making sure your clients' needs are met with speed and precision.


Use the data you record to deliver insights into how you can improve your work flow.

Robin's Hood is currently under development and being tested in certain locations.

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